The Inglorious Three

Ma's Place

The three heroes ride out to Ma's place and surprise her for her birthday.  Over lunch, she reveals that there has been trouble recently at her John and Bessie Burns's ranch, the Double 0.  First, John Byrne was killed in Promise City while gambling.  Only, he doesn't drink or gamble. Then, Bessie was killed when the ranch was raided by an Apache warband.  Something seems fishy.

The boys decide to head to the ranch to check things out. They quickly decide that the scene was staged to look like an Apache attack. They discover documents hidden under the floorboards that the killers missed: deeds and demands for a below-market sale by local Banker Morgan Condon and local slimeball lawyer Jake Pilgrim.

On their way out, the boys spot someone who has been observing them.  They give chase, and kill him when he turns about to fire at them.  He was heading into the canyons.  The boys decide not to go into the canyons, but return to Promise City.

In Promise City, they go to the bar where the man was killed.  Frank confronts the Pilgrim over cards and intimidates him, taking quite a bit of his money.



Gunfight at the Gay Lady
Adventure Session #1


It is August of 1882, and it's Ma's 55th birthday.  Matt and Frank have returned to Promise City to join middle brother Big John.  It's been years since the boys have seen each other, and their all looking forward to the reunion.

Big John is working in Promise City as a bouncer at The Gay Lady.  Recently opened by New Orleans showman Burton Lumley, the Gay Lady has become suddenly popular, just as much for its exotic floor show as for its honest games of poker and faro.

Someone in town is not happy.

On the night of the reunion, the Gay Lady is attacked by a local gunfighter and cowboy named Charlie Bowdre . He brings 4 rustlers with him, intent on smashing up the place a bit and driving the owner to close or accept 'protection'. Before he can make his point, though, Lumley opens up with a shotgun.  All hell breaks loose.  

Lucky for Lumley, the Sullivan Brothers are there. They make pretty quick work of the outlaws, but Bowdre escapes.

Burton Lumley is very pleased with the Sullivan Brothers, and gives them a room for the night, free drinks and some supplies to take to Ma's.

Overall, an exciting first day of the reunion! 

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