Francis "Frank" Sullivan

Honest Gambler


Francis is the youngest son of Michael and Maggie Sullivan. Francis left home at age 16 to seek his fortune. The smartest and most sophisticated of the brothers, Frank always felt out of place in the wild west of Cochise County, Arizona. Francis travelled east, to New Orleans, where he learned to play cards and made a living as a riverboat gambler, going up and down the Mississippi.

A few years ago, Frank got into a business deal with Red LeGrange, a real estate tycoon he met in New Orleans. Frank and Red borrowed money to buy a gold claim near Santa Fe. Frank’s job was to man the office in Santa Fe, while Red ran the claim.

Only, there was no claim. Red was running a scam on his investor, Mr. Tate of Baltimore. Tate sent a Pinkertons man – Captain Walther – to investigate his suspicions. The Pinkertons nabbed Frank and roughed him up a bit. When Captain Walther was sure Frank was not part of the scam, he forced Frank to help set up Red.

Red, however, escaped the ambush, wounding Captain Walther in the process. Frank – square with Mr. Tate – decided it was time to get out of Santa Fe!

Frank was able to escape with his clothes and horse and a very small amount of cash. It’s mom’s 55th birthday – so it seems like a good time to head home, lick his wounds, and figure out his next move.


Francis "Frank" Sullivan

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