Jim Hawkins, Texas Ranger


Hawkins was born in Utica, New York. his ancestry is Irish. His father was in the livery business in Utica, and died when Hawkins was seven. His mother moved with her children to McHenry County, Illinois where they lived two years and then moved to DeKalb County, where James grew up on a farm receiving a common school education.

Mr. Hawkins left home to explore the great west. He first to joined a friend, James Ashbaugh, in the live stock business near Bannack, Montana. Then went to Abilene and engaged with a cattle outfit which was his beginning as a cowboy.

He spent the summer in Abilene in herding cattle, taking one herd to the Platte River. For two years he was engaged in driving cattle from Texas to Kansas and one season he followed
farming in Blanco County Texas.

At Blanco City, he enlisted in Company D of the Texas Rangers under Captain Rufus Perry. It was a state military organization formed for the purpose of suppressing the outlaws who
were so numerous and active at that time, and also for the purpose of guarding against the hostile invasion of Indians, who sometimes made raids into the state stealing horses. The company was mounted on their own horses, which were paid for by the state if lost in service. The company went out with seventy-five men with Mr. Hawkins as Sergeant

He has spent his time in the Rangers scouting and sometimes skirmishing with the Indians. On one of these expeditions they encountered Indians, and in exchanging shots Mr. Hawkins was wounded in the knee by a shot from an Indian. Today, Mr. Hawkins is on fugitive search duty, chasing the murderer of a Texas Senator John W. Stephens by the KKK. Most of the group was apprehended by the Rangers, but one small group, including ringleader Charlie Bowdre, escaped.


Jim Hawkins, Texas Ranger

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